How to Become a Vet Tech

veterinary technician

First I must ask, what has led you to want to become a vet tech? Are you passionate about animal care? Do you feel like working with animals all day would be the perfect job for you? Please read more to find out if becoming a vet tech is right for you.
The truth is, a position as a vet tech can be a very rewarding experience. As a veterinary technician you get to provide health care for animals in need. Not only helping the animal but also providing a much-needed service to the owner. You immediately have an impact on both a person and their pet! As a bonus, a lot of technicians develop long-lasting relationships with both the client and the pets that they bring in. But, the job of a vet tech is not all fun and games. Most people have a general idea of what a vet tech does. A lot of people think that all a veterinary technician does is play with puppies and kittens all day. That couldn’t be further from the truth! This website will help you to determine whether becoming a vet tech is the right career for you by explaining some of the general duties that a technician is required to carry out on a day-to-day basis. The website will also help you to decide whether to immediately go into a vet tech program or to enter the veterinary field without the classwork. Both ways are possible. So choosing the way you will enter the veterinary field is one of the first steps you should consider.

Become a Vet Tech

So once you have decided that a career as a veterinary technician is the right move, where do you go from there? There are several ways to enter the veterinary field and you should choose the direction that you feel fits you best. There are many different college programs around the country that offer degree programs in the field of vet technician. There are four-year degrees, two-year associates degrees, and certificates that vary in the length of time to obtain. All of the different programs to become a vet tech will be discussed individually in further posts. If you do decide to obtain a degree as a veterinary technician you should begin to look into local or online programs. You may also want to research your ability to receive financial aide for the school or program you plan on attending. Check the section on schools for help in finding the right fit for you. After completing a program and taking a state licensing exam you will have obtained your RVT (registered veterinary technician), CVT (certified veterinary technician), or LVT (licensed veterinary technician).

Vet Tech Job Duties

One of the most interesting things about being a vet tech is the vast amount of different skills that are involved with the job. As a vet tech you will be counted on to deliver in many different aspects of the practice. For example, there will be times when client interaction and education will dominate your day. The very next day you may be called upon to perform a routine dental cleaning or radiographs (x-rays)! A lot of times your vet tech duties throughout the day will vary immensely from morning to afternoon or throughout the evening if you are working at an after hours clinic. There are so many vet tech job functions that each and every day will bring something new to the table and keep the job interesting. Most people lack a variety of tasks in their day-to-day job. As a vet tech it can be very hard to become bored when so many different things are going on around the clinic that will require your help. In this section of the website I will highlight individual areas of a vet techs duties and explain how these areas of knowledge are important in the day-to-day functions of a veterinary practice.

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