New York Veterinary Technician Requirements

In New York State to be considered a veterinary technician you must become licensed. The state of New York has several requirements to become licensed as a veterinary technician.

There are two main requirements to be eligible for a license as a veterinary technician.

-One is that you must have completed at least a 2 year degree from a college accredited by the AVMA.
-The second is that you must pass the National Veterinary Technician Exam accredited by the AVMA.

There is some leeway in the time that you can apply for the exam and licensing while still in school. If you plan on finishing your degree in the next 6 months, they will allow you to apply for and take the NVTE, with the understanding that you must finish the degree before being licensed.

Someone entering the state of New York, as an out-of-state veterinary technician can fill out the appropriate paperwork and be eligible for licensing in the state as long as all requirements are met.

There is also a limited permit which can be issued for individuals who have not yet completed the NVTE. A limited permit to practice as a veterinary technician is good for one year and does require that all other licensing requirements have been met (finished degree program). A limited permit can only be renewed once, so it is very important to take the NVTE while being licensed under the limited permit.

There is also a limited 3-year license that can be used by individuals who have yet to gain U.S. citizenship or permanent residency. A one year extension may be granted in special circumstances.

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