Vet Tech Schools in Maine

Currently there is only one accredited vet tech school in Maine. The University of Maine at Augusta provides a 2-year degree in veterinary technology. Like similar programs, the vet tech course load requires prerequisite classes consisting of English, math, and science. The curriculum requires 88 hours of credit to complete the degree in veterinary technology. The degree also requires that you maintain a “C” average through all classes. The majority of the credit hours that need to be taken are part of the actual vet technology program with 70 hours, while 18 hours of general education are required.

One interesting note about the program is that they do have a class specifically for veterinary dentistry, which is one area that some colleges do not provide much information on. The program also provides experience with both small and large animal, widening the potential jobs available to graduates of the program. The degree program is an associate of applied science and allows for the addition of a B.S. in applied science for concentrating on more specific areas of vet medicine. Once the program has been completed you can take the National Technician exam, which is conducted by the Maine Board of Veterinary Medicine, and once passed leads to being licensed in the state of Maine.

For more information you can visit the UM-Augusta website at UM-Augusta Veterinary Technology Program

University of Maine at Augusta Bangor campus

Veterinary Technology Program
85 Texas Avenue, 217 Belfast Hall
Bangor, ME 04401-4367
207-262- 7852
Ms. Anne Hayes-Grillo Interim Director
Associate in/of Science
Initial Accreditation-March, 2002;Next Evaluation: 2016

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