Vet Tech Schools in NJ

Bergen Community College
School of Veterinary Technology
400 Paramus Road
Paramus, NJ 07652
Harriet Terodemos, CVT Coordinator
Associate of Applied Science
Initial Accreditation-October 1, 2008;Next Evaluation: 2018

Camden County College
Animal Science Technology Program
P.O. Box 200
Blackwood, NJ 08012
Margaret Dorsey, VT Coordinator
Associate in Animal Technology
Initial Accreditation-November, 1978;Next Evaluation: 2014

This program of study at Camden County College provides both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The degree in Veterinary Technology gives students a solid foundation in the medical areas concerned with animals. Graduates in the field of Veterinary Technology are fully prepared to enter various animal health. Working under the supervision of a Veterinarian, students perform laboratory and clinical procedures such as surgical assisting, radiology, and anesthesia as part of this unique and challenging career. The program is designed to give the student the most experience during their tenure. Students are prepared to participate in every aspect of animal care and veterinary nursing.

Program Objectives

• To provide general education course background for successful completion of the skill courses in veterinary technology.• To provide the students with the academic and practical skills necessary for entry level competence in veterinary technology and other related animal health and laboratory fields.• To maintain the status of full accreditation by the American Veterinary Medical Association Committee on veterinary technician education and activities.•To instill in the students the ability and motivation toward the ethical practice of their profession, including the necessity for life-long learning.

Student Objectives

• To complete course work and earn an Associate in Applied Science degree.
• To demonstrate entry level competence in the skills and tasks required by the accreditation agency.
• To take and to qualify for recognition of superior skills and education by achieving a qualifying score on the National Board Exam for veterinary technicians.
• To be able to communicate with and educate the general and animal owning public on humane principles and quality health care for their companion and working animals.
• To understand the necessity for continuing education in the field for individual growth and participation in local and national professional organizations for the advancement of the profession.

Degree Options
The Associate in Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.) in Veterinary Technology is a career program designed primarily to prepare students for employment in the field of animal science immediately after graduation

How long will it take?
A full-time student, taking 15-18 credits per semester, can complete the A.A.S. degree within two years. However, many students work and take one, two or three classes a semester. A supervised summer co-op or internship program for 300 hours is required.

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