Vet Tech Schools in Oregon

There are currently two vet tech schools in Oregon that have accredited programs. Both schools that offer programs are community colleges.

The program at Portland community college has been accredited since 1989, while the program at Central Oregon Community College recently gained accreditation in January of 2014. Please read below for more information on each program.

Portland Community College
Veterinary Technology Program
P.O. Box 19000
Portland, OR 97219
Brad Krohn, DVM Division Chair
Associate of Applied Science
Initial Accreditation-April, 1989;Next Evaluation: 2017

The Portland Community College program offers a 2-year associate of applied science in veterinary technology. The admission process into the program at PCC can be very competitive due to the outstanding graduation and VTNE pass rate of 98.8%. The Portland vet technology program only admits 30 students per year. The students most likely to be accepted have a high grade point average in prerequisite classes and may have experience in a veterinary hospital already. The program at Portland also requires 3 externships of 160 hours each. Because of the intense course load and required hands-on experience the program does not recommend working more than part time while in school.

Currently the school states that between 60-100 people apply for the veterinary technology program, while only 30 will be admitted to keep a quality class learning size. The estimated total cost for the completion of the 2-year program is between $7000-$9000.

For more information you can visit the PCC website at PCC Veterinary Technology Program

Central Oregon Community College
Veterinary Technology Program
2600 NW College Way
Bend, OR 97701
Beth Palmer, CVT, Director
Associate of Applied Science
Initial Accreditation: January 31, 2014; Next Evaluation: 2019

The Central Oregon Community College offers a veterinary technician associate degree of applied science. Like the PCC program, the COCC program is expected to take 2-years to complete. With prerequisites included, the program at COCC has 102 credit hours. For a passing grade the student must complete the all classes with a 75% or better pass rate. Once the program is complete, graduates have the ability to take the VTNE, upon passing a technician is considered a certified veterinary technician in the state of Oregon.

For more information, visit the COCC website at COCC Veterinary Technician Program

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