Vet Tech Specialties

The veterinary medical field is growing at a tremendous rate. A long with the growth of the industry, advances in veterinary medical technology are happening every day. The growth of veterinary medicine a long with new technology is creating a situation for vet techs to become more specialized in the field.

What are vet tech specialties?

There are becoming more and more opportunities for vet techs to specialize in different areas of veterinary medicine. A vet tech can specialize in anything from emergency medicine to dentistry. Specializing in a certain area makes a vet tech more marketable when job hunting as well providing a higher potential salary. There are also organizations called academies and societies for vet techs that help to provide expertise in the different areas of veterinary medicine.

What areas to specialize in?


There is a strong push in veterinary medicine for dentistry. The vet tech provides a very important role in dental prophylaxis (dental disease prevention). There are many diseases that are directly caused because of the lack of dental care. A dental vet tech helps to prevent and elevate problems caused by dental disease. You can read more about a vet techs role in dental care here .

Surgical Technician

Surgical vet techs are also in high demand. A surgical vet techs main job is to assist the veterinarian in surgical procedures. The surgical vet tech also provides pre-op and post-op care for the animals. Normally a surgical tech also specializes in anesthesia monitoring and anesthetic drugs. You can read more about the role of a surgical vet tech here,

Behavior technician

There is even the ability to specialize in animal behavior. What does an behavioral specialist do? Normally a behavior specialist would work with animals that have been mistreated or had little human contact, with the ability adjust the animal to a home. Behavioral vet techs also provide education to clients as well as training.

Those are just a few of the areas that a vet tech can specialize in. For more information on other areas for vet techs to specialize in, you can visit

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