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Veterinary Assistant Salary

veterinary assistant salary graph

The position of a veterinary assistant is different than that of a veterinary technician. Unlike a vet tech, the veterinary assistant does not hold a degree from an accredited vet tech school. Normally a veterinary assistant learns by hands on experience in a veterinary hospital. Because a veterinary assistant does not have the schooling of a vet tech, they are not allowed to perform the same type of work-related duties that a vet tech. However, there are online degree programs for veterinary assistants that can allow for more knowledge and greater pay. A veterinary assistant is usually under the direct […]

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Dealing with difficult clients

One of the hardest parts of being a vet tech is dealing with difficult clients. A difficult client can easily ruin your day if you let them. So instead of letting a client immediately get under your skin, you should ask yourself why the client is being so difficult. A veterinary hospital can be a very stressful place for a client. You cannot assume that everyone knows exactly what goes on in a veterinary hospital, especially in cases where the family pet is sick. To me it seems like we in the veterinary community can sometimes over complicate the situation […]

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Vet Tech Specialties

The veterinary medical field is growing at a tremendous rate. A long with the growth of the industry, advances in veterinary medical technology are happening every day. The growth of veterinary medicine a long with new technology is creating a situation for vet techs to become more specialized in the field. What are vet tech specialties? There are becoming more and more opportunities for vet techs to specialize in different areas of veterinary medicine. A vet tech can specialize in anything from emergency medicine to dentistry. Specializing in a certain area makes a vet tech more marketable when job hunting […]

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Is vet tech school hard?

vet tech school

Well I think the question at hand really depends on what type of learner you are. I feel that those who are more naturally inclined to understand scientific concepts will have a much easier time. If you enjoy biology more than any other subject then you probably won’t have an extremely hard time with the curriculum of a vet tech program. However, I think it is important to consider how much studying you would put forth to achieve good grades. In general I would say it would be wise to spend 3-4 hours of study time for every one hour […]

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Dealing with Euthanasia

One of the most rewarding experiences of being a vet tech is the relationship that you build with both the client and the pet. There is no doubt that you will have several clients that you almost think of as family or at least friends. There are some clients that you may see several times a week or even more! I find these relationships to be one of the most important parts of the job. I know that I wouldn’t want someone that I don’t feel close to handling my pet it good times or bad times. It is also […]

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How much does a vet tech make?

The question, “How much does a vet tech make?“, is a very hard question to answer. It is easy to throw out a general average or starting salary. But the truth is that there are so many different opportunities as a vet tech that provide very different salaries. Which brings me to another point. Some hospitals will pay their vet techs by the hour. Other hospitals will have vet techs on salary. The main difference being that hourly employee will most often get overtime, where as salaried employees will get paid their set 40-hour a week pay. Being hourly and […]

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Vet Tech Burnout

One thing I would like to mention is that anyone looking into a career in the veterinary field should do plenty of research before committing to being a veterinary technician. I know there are many people that find the job of a vet tech very interesting. And if you are looking at this webpage I have to assume that you do too! I also know that everyone who is an aspiring vet tech has a love for animals. If you don’t have a love for animals then what is the point in dedicating your life to the job of someone […]

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How hard is it to be a veterinary technician?

cute puppy

The simple answer is that it is not easy to be a veterinary technician. You must finish a degree program from an accredited school to even take the national exam. Some people seem to find schooling hard and may find it difficult to complete either a 2 or 4 year program to become a vet tech. Some people also aren’t good test takers and may find the national exam to be harder than expected. But, when I pose the question, “How hard is it to be a veterinary technician?”, I don’t mean in the since of finishing school or taking […]

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Veterinary Technician and Expressing anal glands

location of anal sacs

Most dog owners never get to experience the very rewarding past-time of anal gland expression. Now, a lot of people will find the entire process very disgusting. However as a vet technician, expressing anal glands is kind of just part of the deal. So why do I say it is rewarding? Well there is just a great deal of satisfaction in removing such a vial substance from the dog, providing relief for the dog, and also instantly becoming the owners hero. Yes, I just made your dog instantly smell better. And your house will no longer smell like the local […]

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